Saving our Restaurants

As a community, we are committed to supporting our restaurants through the upcoming winter months. If you watch the news, there are many forecasts of restaurant failures in our future because of limited seating capacities and a community that fears the COVID 19 illness.

We are going to ask our community to trust that our restaurants will follow the CDC and State of Minnesota guidelines that will keep our dining experiences safe once we no longer have the outdoor dining option.

We are beginning a marketing campaign to support your businesses and we are asking each of you to commit to the White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge that will flag your restaurant as a safe place to dine. We will then ask the community to give their favorite restaurants extra support through the winter months. Our commitment to the community is that your restaurant is in compliance with the White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge we are presenting to you today.

What is the White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge?

White Bear Lake prides itself on being a welcoming community and now we need to be known for our focus on health safety as well. The White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge helps our community know that your restaurants are taking the required precautions to keep everyone healthy and safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

By taking the White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge, your business joins other restaurants in the White Bear Lake Area committed to helping us stand out as a safe choice for dining.

Restaurants have been making safety protocol changes to protect employees and customers. We want to share those updates with our community and those who are very concerned about safety. The White Bear Lake Safe Dining Pledge is a free and powerful way for your business to communicate your commitment to the health and well being of your employees and your customers. The pledge outlines specific actions, in accordance with all local, county, and state guidelines.

Restaurants that submit the White Bear Lake Safe Dining form by October 23, 2020 will be recognized in the White Bear Press, the ReGrow White Bear Lake website, and on Explore White Bear.

Thank you for your support!
ReGrow White Bear Lake