ReGrow Dining Spotlight

The Anchor Coffee House
Brad & Heather Atkinson, Owners

Back in 2015 the Brad Atkinson & Family were at an outdoor concert and observed there was no coffee vendor available for concertgoers. They decided this needed rectifying and since the KTIS concert was an annual event, they created the Anchor Coffee trailer. The following year they were on site to help music fans get their coffee fix. People immediately started clamoring for their flavorful coffee and that got them thinking about how nice it would be to open a shop in downtown White Bear. After three years operating the trailer, they struck a deal and opened on Washington Square. 

In 2018 they took their popular coffee to the Minnesota State Fair, where they won a “Best Of” Award in their first appearance at the fair. Their baked goods are all locally baked and they offer free delivery to local businesses. 

COVID has been challenging for the shop. Brad, Heather and Team often think about how many cups does it take to keep the doors open? They shut briefly in the beginning of the pandemic and before re-opening they made significant upgrades to the air ventilation systems – including installing the new UV LED systems that are proving to be successful in preventing the spread of the virus. “Safety of our guests is of utmost importance:”, says Brad. Anchor has taken the Regrow WBL Safety Pledge. 

Also important is their commitment to young people in WBL. Most of the staff are high school students, and the Atkinson’s have created evening hours to offer a safe space for students to study and connect. They also open their space for students during off-hours. High School students and teachers receive a 10% discount on purchases. The Shop is open Monday thru Saturday, 7:30 to 2:00, and Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00 to 7:00 pm. 


This article written by Ken Galloway, and originally featured in the White Bear Press.