ReGrow Dining Spotlight

Caroline & Tony Yares, Owners

Caroline and Tony Yares, both vegans themselves, first gained inspiration for a plant-based restaurant during visits to Puerto Rico, where such local operations are quite ubiquitous. In 2019 they opened their PLNT-BSD Food Trailer, serving smoothies and bowls downtown WBL. They dreamed of someday opening a storefront and one day while walking along 3rd street they saw the old barber shop space for rent. Caroline, seeing it as a sign, decided to jump on the opportunity. “It’s my baby”, says Caroline. They opened in April of this year, just as COVID restrictions had begunRight away they had to change their original business model from beautiful, tropical looking presentations to mostly packaged for take-out. Despite the challenges, business has been outstanding, and they are so grateful for the support from their loyal customers and other restaurants, and the way the city has supported the downtown businesses. “We wouldn’t be here without them”, says Caroline. 

The Yares mission is to promote healthier diet, but don’t consider themselves “in your face” type of people when trying to extol the virtues of plant-based eating. “If people would eat just one plant-based meal per day they could impact their health, lives, local growers, and the planet in so many ways”. The great thing is you don’t have to sacrifice flavor either, you just need to learn different ways of seasoning and flavoring. This is evidenced by their many popular and flavorful menu offerings like their Paradise Bowl – a fresh pineapple shell with strawberry-banana smoothie topped with Super Foods. They recently introduced warm Oat Bowls. Their food is 100% plant based, clean, with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Their goal is to by 99% organic by spring. 

The restaurant is open Thursday thru Sunday, 8:30 – 2:00, and Take-Out may be ordered in person or by phone. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook @PLNT_BSD 

This article written by Ken Galloway, and originally featured in the White Bear Press.