ReGrow Dining Spotlight

Cup and Cone
Rick Johnstone, Owner

Cup and Cone

In 1973 Grandpa Johnstone opened Cup and Cone to drive business to Johnstone’s Dairy and Grocery Store. He purchased the old service station next door to the grocery and renovated it into the now iconic building on 4th street. According to 3rd generation owner, Rick Johnstone, his father Keith Johnstone started with one flavor (vanilla). Since then C & C has expanded to fifteen flavors, with new flavors planned to be introduced in October of this year. 

Through the years they tried pizza, spaghetti and other meal types, before finally settling on Submarines. “Dad sold 10 sandwiches that first day”, recalls Rick. Now they sell between 75 and 100 every day! 

Rick started working at the store at age 12 and remembers with fondness how they would make their candy bar malts. Back then every malt would get an entire full-size frozen candy bar. “We would take the frozen bars and a huge knife and chop them by hand for each malt”. Snickers were the worst”, says Rick. 

Like so many others, this October will look very different from the first 46 years for Cup and Cone. New flavors being unveiled include: Fudge Brownie, Cookie Dough, Oreo, Cotton Candy, Coffee Espresso and California Cake Batter. Their popular S’mores items will continue through October. Their online store is open offering all products, (including ice cream), so fans may order from anywhere and pick up their favorite treats without waiting outside. 

Rick is proud of the store’s “Frozen 6-Pack for the WBL Food Shelf” program, where customers have donated nearly $6,000 from March thru August 1! The program will continue this fall. 

For the first time ever, Cup and Cone will be open into November this year, and maybe even a “Cup and Cone Christmas 2020”! 

This article written by Ken Galloway, and originally featured in the White Bear Press.