ReGrow Dining Spotlight

Cabin 61
Lindsey Carpenter, Kristi Skillings, Melissa Martini-Laughlin, Carrie Berg , Owners

For many years Goose Lake has been the home of the Midwest Ski Otters Waterski Team. Local residents are familiar with the free ski shows they’ve been performing on Sunday afternoons, and can also spot the team training and practicing on the lake. A small group of Ski Otters thought it would be fun to own the former Don’s Little Bar on the lakeshore. They wanted to provide a fun and family friendly restaurant for the ski families and their show crowds. 

When the bar came up for sale in 2016 the current ownership group of Lindsey Carpenter, Kristi Skillings, Melissa Martini-Laughlin and Carrie Berg organized and purchased the bar, naming it Cabin 61. Their vision was to create a family friendly, neighborhood restaurant with great food, in a causal and fun environment. The group realized fairly early on that successfully running a restaurant and trying to do their ”day jobs”  was proving a bit more challenge than they expected; so, they made the decision to seek out expert management. They contacted Daron & Nicole Close, owners of the Acqua Restaurant Group. “That decision proved to be one of the better ones we’ve made”, says Lindsey. The Acqua team quickly revamped the menu and along with Head Chef Janel Marier they developed a great menu specializing in high quality burgers, wings, sandwiches and more. Their entire menu is available at, and they are counting on Takeout business to help sustain sales through the winter. 

The group is so very thankful to the City of WBL for their support in helping them build a beautiful new deck overlooking the lake, which was paramount in attracting customers this past summer. They are also so grateful for their loyal customers and their hard working, dedicated staff. “They are the reason for our success”, says Lindsey. 

This article written by Ken Galloway, and originally featured in the White Bear Press.