More Than Meals


The More Than Meals program has come to an end, and more than 26,000 weekly meals delivered/picked up during the 13-week period that ran January 18-April 15. Added to the 1,100 holiday meals delivered/picked, a total of 27,152 meals were served this winter.

This “pay-it-forward” program was launched, thanks to a generous local donor, to help give back to restaurants who have given so much to our community, while helping people who were dealing with food insecurity and financial challenges. The Greater White Bear Lake Community Foundation helped manage and collect additional donations to the program. Thank you to Donatelli’s, Eat at Banning & 5th, Keys Cafe (White Bear Lake), Rudy’s Redeye Grill, and Washington Square Grill for preparing and packaging the delicious meals we gave out!

The More Than Meals program restaurants prepared more than 2,000 meals each week, and those meals were either delivered by NewTrax or brought to the WBL Senior Center or Hanifl Performing Arts for curbside pickup. To ensure that no meals went to waste, helpful volunteers brought unclaimed meals to Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, and the WBL Fire Department.

It took dozens of the volunteers to carry out this program, and many went above and beyond, including braving a snowstorm on day one. From the initial planning meetings, to helping out at the pickup centers, to bringing extra meals to local shelters and safety officers, the generosity of all of our volunteers was instrumental in the success of this program.

Some messages we received from participants include:

Thank you all for doing this! This has been so wonderful for my family to participate in. We appreciate it SO MUCH!  Stefanie

Thanks for doing this and having the pick up at the Hanifl, right on the way home! I volunteer there too!!  Diane

Thank you beyond words!! You are all greatly appreciated!!  Tawny

Without everyone’s willingness to help out in the middle of a pandemic, we could not have reached and helped so many people. We greatly appreciate everyone’s time and effort!

Cheers to all of you! Thank you for being amazing people!

The More Than Meals Team

This “pay-it-forward” program was launched to help give back to businesses who have given so much to our community.

Our community is stronger and brighter with them, so we want to help them survive and thrive during this challenging time.

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